Xia Goes Famous Internationally After Impersonating Taylor Swift

Xia Vigor became an instant international item after nailing her impersonation of Taylor Swift in ABS-CBN’s reality show Your Face Sounds Familiar . She placed second, tied to Justin Alva who impersonated Adam Levine. The two are just a few points below the winner Elha Nympha. But it was Xia who captured the heart of many foreign blogs.
A British tabloid called Huffington Post wrote an article which featured Xia’s performance and described it as “eerily spot-on“. They also enumerated some of the things that Xia nailed in impersonating Taylor’s Swift like the ‘diva-ish wagging, eye rolls, hair whips.
Another lifestyle website, Refinery29, described Vigor as Taylor’s “long-lost sister”. Perez Hilton, a well-known American blogger and gossip columnist, also noticed Xia’s performance and said: “This little girl doing @TaylorSwift13 is everything I needed right now!! The ending, though!!”
Xia’s video has the 2nd highest views on YouTube among the performances last weekend, next to the video of Awra Briguela who impersonated Daniel Padilla.
Xia now stars in the morning TV series entitled “Langit Lupa” and started gaining popularity after she won the “Mini Me” contest in 2015 by impersonating Selena Gomez.


Source: ABS-CBN